La intimidad  - Intimacy -  (2010 - 2019)

"intimacy: private space of each person, from a physical, emotional and spiritual level".














































This project –carried out in Tokyo– aims to raise a reflection on the concept of intimacy in today's societies. Defining "intimacy" as the private space of each person from a physical, emotional and spiritual level. And how mutual respect for this “space”, beyond what the laws say, is a possible fact in any society that perceives it as a common good.

Surely some of the first images of the Japanese capital that come to our head, are of seemingly chaotic crowds, or urban highways which run between glittering and haughty skyscrapers. But there is another reality that passes almost unnoticed by the naked eye: where silence, stillness, respect for others and for the community, are permanently present. A reality that I have taken as a starting point, to create the images of this project.

This is not a documentary work about the Tokyoite society, nor the idea of "intimacy" as it is raised here, is related to some Japanese concept. I have used daily situations in urban spaces, as visual metaphors, to represent the respect for the feelings, thoughts and physical space of each individual, in the daily coexistence with the rest of the members of their society. In opposition to what we could define as "sensory" or "emotional" contamination. That is, the countless violations or interferences that our "private space" suffers daily in most of the societies.

The idea to do this series came up while I was working on two previous projects: Ashimoto and Kagami. In the Japanese megalopolis I experienced a level of “intimacy” previously unimaginable to me. An experience that is not related –and I want to highlight this– with the idea of loneliness, although for many people could be the easiest reading to do. During all the time I was in Tokyo, my "private space" remained intact. No one went through without my permission. Not a single day, not a single moment. A feeling of peace and serenity surrounded me day after day, motivating my return, to represent with images this lived feeling.



This project was made thanks to the award in 2010, of a research and creation grant in the visual arts section, by CoNCA (National Council for Culture and Arts, Generalitat de Catalunya).



La intimidad - I  



La intimidad - II